Mindfulness and Creativity-A Match Made in Heaven

All of life is an act of imagination, creativity and innovation.  Mindfulness, the deliberate practice of being present to life as it unfolds moment to moment, invites us into deep connection and familiarity with this ingenious flow of life. Steady mindfulness practice opens us and makes us receptive to our deeper self; this deeper self as the seat of our imagination and the birth place of creativity. Mindfulness invites us to bring fresh eyes to each moment, to open, to be curious and to prevent being caught up in outdated habits of the mind. The practice of mindfulness teaches us to get out of our own way; we learn to transform fear and other inhibiting emotions, silence the critical voice and bring curiosity and acceptance to all of our experience. Mindfulness practices offer the invitation to move toward greater balance, participation and choice in life. We are invited to discover the unique voice of our ingenuity. Click here for more information

This two day workshop on Inspired Mindfulness offers a creative pathway to learning mindfulness. A theoretical foundation will be offered as a contextual frame for understanding mindfulness but most learning will come through immersion in creative mindfulness practices. Learning through doing is at the heart of this workshop. Each practice supports the applied understanding of mindfulness in one’s own life and as therapeutic tool in work with clients. Inviting mindfulness into our therapeutic work offers a tool for healing and transformation and is a source of nourishment and aliveness for both the therapist and the client.

Who Should Attend:

Psychologists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, pastoral workers, other allied health professionals and students who are interested in incorporating elements of mindfulness into therapeutic work. Provisional psychologists can attend at student rates.

This is promising to be an enriching, inspiring, fun and practical workshop for people who already know about mindfulness and those that are new to it. Our specific focus will be to establish a personal mindfulness practice that we can then extend to our clinical work with clients.

Please note that the workshop is being held at Well for Life, 2/35 Hume Street, Crows Nest (not at the address  advertised on the flyer)
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Hope you can join me