How I Work: A Holistic Perspective

Experiences in life can be tremendously injurious to our psyche and being yet no matter how deep the wounds, in my view our inherent wholeness and integrity cannot be damaged. Even if it seems so at times. At the very heart of my work lie the principles of holism and healing and I see my work as a therapist to be one of steadfast and experienced companion and wise counsel on the path of reconnecting with one’s Wholeness.

Defining Healing: Healing, in the broadest sense means to restore to health or soundness; to repair; to cure. The process of healing is easiest observed on a physical level, when a bone is broken or the skin is cut. As soon as the injury occurs, the innate healing ability of the body is set in motion and after the required time, some good medicine, rest and support the injury is healed and the body restored to health.

The process of healing physically is not dissimilar to the process of healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually. However, while a broken bone is relatively easy to diagnose and the cause is usually quite clear, internal wounds of a non-physical nature are often not as easily determined and require the therapist to be skilful in inquiry and assessment and have much knowledge, expertise and experience to help the process of healing and growth.

Every person who arrives in therapy is a complete individual with a unique history and living within a distinct context. When we first meet, it is my task to step into the life the client is presenting to me, find my bearings and understand and then work, together with the client, on new possibilities. The qualities that guide my work are: respect, care and kindness, empathy and compassion, patience and genuine engagement. At the same time there is a firm focus on change, a commitment to balance pausing and deepening with movement and action.