Getting started

Please be invited to phone me for a free and no obligations 10 minute consultation. I welcome your questions and am more than happy to discuss your needs.

Contact: Sabina on +61 (0)419 980 923

Alternately you can email me via the contact page to the left of this screen. Once I receive your email I will get back to you as soon as possible. Once you have decided to proceed we will make your first appointment.

Individual Counselling:

Your first appointment, like every other appointment is sixty minutes in duration (unless we decide otherwise).The first appointment gives you the opportunity to outline what brings you to counselling and experience how I work and gives me the opportunity to start to get to know you and begin to address your needs. A thorough understanding of what it is you are bringing to counselling creates the foundation for a successful outcome.

We begin your counselling journey together from the moment we meet. At the end of the first session we discuss how we will continue to work together. We will consider your needs and make decisions about the number and frequency of sessions and potential pathways and outcomes. The number and frequency of sessions is based on what you want to gain through counselling.

Some people come to therapy for many months or even years to grow into and maintain mental and emotional wellbeing or deepen their spirituality. Others seek counselling to help negotiate a life crisis such as a loss of a loved one, a divorce or the diagnosis of a serious illness-this often requires a limited number of sessions, enough to weather the crisis and re-engage fully with life.

I prefer to have at least the first four to six sessions on a weekly basis to grow a good foundation for our work together. Over time, sessions may remain at a weekly rhythm or be spaced out to fortnightly meetings.Preferably, we meet at the same time for each session, however this can be flexible to meet your availability.

Couples Counselling: to be published soon.