Counselling and Psychotherapy

SixCsFor over 20 years I have been a counsellor and psychotherapist accompanying clients on their unique journey of growth, change and achieving personal goals. Essentially my work is based in the humanistic and existential philosophies, approaches that place the inherent human dignity firmly in the centre.

I draw from evidence-based psychodynamic, process-focused and creative traditions which form a therapeutic experience that is organic, individual and relational and invite us into an authentic life, a life lived with integrity and meaning.

My lifelong commitment has been to live and to work along with holistic and integrative principles that acknowledge each individual’s uniqueness while also appreciating that we belong to and are influenced by our wider community and life history.

Individual Counselling:

People who choose individual therapy may wish to:

  • live happier and more fulfilled and meaningful lives
  • engage deeply with people and care for relationships
  • heal from childhood wounds and traumas
  • learn skills and strategies to meet challenges and crises
  • manage and recover from anxiety and depression
  • be supported on the path of grieving and recovery after a loss
  • develop appropriate ways to  express anger and other difficult emotions
  • strengthen in resilience and self-care
  • live a life of integrity and authenticity
  • find and maintain inner peace in the busyness of life

My particular passion is bringing the wisdom and practices of the mindfulness and compassion-based approaches into counselling and psychotherapy; clients, as well as therapists, benefit when presence and the compassionate heart are brought into healing. Growing in inner balance and inner peace, no matter the circumstances, become a core quality of living.

While the principles that guide my therapeutic work are born out of a lifetime of formal study, more importantly, they have grown out of a life lived with curiosity, sensitivity and courage. I have grown steady resilience in the face of many life challenges and know the joy and pleasure of finding a way to live a full, happy and meaningful life.

Couples Counselling: 

Couples seek the help of a counsellor because they may:

  • wish to deepen their love and commitment to each other
  • seek ways to open communication and develop a deeper understanding of each other
  • need to repair injured relationship bonds after a life crisis or affair
  • desire to renew and strengthen their union through the changing stages of life
  • long to realise the deepest connection and intimacy with one another in the sanctuary of their relationship
  • seek to navigate well the early stages of a new relationship to establish a strong and loving connection
  • find the right steps to separate well when a love relationship has come to a natural end

Most often, when a couple enters counselling, a crisis has torn holes in the fabric of their relationship. The crisis may be acute, for example, an affair, the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness or the death of a loved one or it may be the result of a long, slow distancing that finally arrives at a crossroad-to leave or to stay?

Relationship Counselling offers a clear pathway to deeper love and connection. The six Cs make up an interconnected map of qualities relevant to the health and wellbeing of every couple relationship.  Each of these simple yet profound aspects need to be understood in the context of the unique relationship.


Relationship counselling is dynamic, profound, often challenging and ultimately deeply enriching process. The fruits of relationship work are manyfold:  you and your partner are creating a safe and meaningful place of belonging within the unit of the couple; you are realising the potential of a strong union and grow into two people who contribute happiness and intimacy to each other. Your relationship becomes resilient and strong, able to weather any future challenges with greater skill and ease.

Other services:

Clinical Supervision

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