A Splash with Whales

Precariously perched on the skinny gunwale of the cheerfully painted yellow and white fishing trawler, my hands are gripping the slippery wood on either side of me to prevent an inelegant tumble into in the unusually choppy waters of the Tongan Pacific. The two humpback whales, a mother and calf, are a mere 10 meters Read the full article…

Therapy: How long? How deep?

Just as a person might go to the doctor with a cut in the skin or a major, life-threatening illness, so might a person come to a counsellor or psychotherapist with a current life-issue that is fairly straight-forward to solve or with a long-standing, complex, deep distress that needs more time, deeper engagement and stronger Read the full article…

Walking Meditation Instructions

Walking Meditation Instructions: This is a 10-minute podcast to help guide you in starting a walking meditation. I love doing walking meditations especially in times of stress, restlessness and when travelling.