An Invitation to Share your Story

Whether you are someone who has had a cancer diagnosis (recent or not) or are a support person(family member or friend) you have a wealth of knowledge and experience learnt from being on this journey with cancer. I would like to hear your story. Why?
Each year many people are diagnosed with cancer, many more are affected. When you think back to when you were at the beginning of this journey, you probably remember it as a time that was bewildering, confusing and often overwhelming. You may have felt the need of good guidance and support. After many years of working in this field and with close personal experience to inform me, I am writing a book as a Holistic Companion Guide for people diagnosed with cancer and their support people. My intention for writing this Holistic Companion Guide is to inform, support and inspire people on the cancer journey, to help ease the challenges and clarify choices.

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Your experience and knowledge is of immense value and I would like to hear about what you have learnt: your challenges and achievements, your joys and sorrows, the things you found helpful and those that weren’t, things you learnt (whether medical or personal) and what helped you to keep going. What you share may well help someone else, what others share may well help you.
Please write as little or as much as you wish. Everything you share matters. You can write yourentire story or you can use the subsequent questions as a way to tell your story

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And please know that while what you share will inform the content of the book,
 any personal information will be de-identified to protect your confidentiality. When you click “Done” at the end of the questionnaire the results are returned to me anonymously.  Please also see Question 10.
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Thank you for sharing your story with me, it is greatly valued.
PS: Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested in contributing.