Well for Life Centre

I founded Well for Life, Centre for Counselling, Mindfulness and Holistic Health in 2009. My intention was and is to have a home for my work, a nourishing and healing space for my clients and a place where other gifted therapists could offer their work in a well-supported environment. From the beginning it has been a joy to see the Centre flourishing, see good work being done, see people heal.

The first thing that people who arrive for the first time always note is how calming and soothing the space is and how well they feel. This comes from the loving and caring for the Centre and its people that I feel very fortunate to be able to spend my working life in such a calm environment that allows me to do my best work.

The therapy rooms are used for individual, couples and family sessions while the group room is the home of various groups such as meditation, mindfulness groups and  therapy groups, psycho-educational programs, seminars and workshops that range from creative expressions and writing to birth preparation and our regular movienight. Movienight is a way to come together, watch inspirational movies and create and share a community of like-minded people.

Everyone is welcome.

“Implicit in an understanding of the mind-body connection is an assumption that physical places set the mind at ease can contribute to well-being.”

Healing Spaces, The Science of Place and Well-Being by Esther M. Sternberg, M.D.